Azure vs. Google Cloud

Azure vs. Google Cloud – A Detailed Comparison

Cloud computing platforms have become extremely important for business organizations, especially IT companies, to keep their data safe and increase the accessibility of the data. Cloud computing platforms also allow users to manage all the data-related processes in a completely secure environment that offers organizations a better and more efficient experience of data management.

In the market of cloud computing services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are two of the most famous service providers in the recent scenario, let alone AWS. Both platforms come with their own advantages and disadvantages. If you are confused about which platform to choose depending on several factors, go through the complete article. Here, we have described the differences between these two platforms so that you can understand which one can be the best choice for your company.

Azure Vs. Google Cloud: The introduction

What is Azure?

It is an efficient Cloud service platform offered by Microsoft that was launched back in 2010. It is one of the leading Cloud service platforms in the recent market, which offers a wide range of services in different domains, including networks, storage, developer tools, computing, and much more that can help any business organization to grow further. Azure effectively provides PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS. This Cloud computing platform can be used by developers to manage different services and applications. 

What is Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud is a Cloud computing platform offered by Google that was launched back in 2008. The main computing languages that are used to write this platform are Python, Java, Ruby, and C. It provides PaaS, IaaS, and serverless platforms. There are different sub-parts of Google Cloud Platform, including Google Engine, Google Compute Engine, Google Computing Cloud Platform Storage, and Google Query. It allows consumers to access high-level storage, networking, computing, and databases. There are different options of network available for the consumers, such as virtual-private cloud, cloud platform CDN and DNS,  balancing load, and various features. This Cloud computing platform is usually used by developers. Cloud machine learning platform engine, cloud platform video intelligence, cloud speech service API, Cloud Vision API, etc., utilize machine learning on Google Cloud Platform.

GCP vs. Azure: The Main Differences

On the other hand, Azure is more focused on the hybrid option of the cloud. With a reliable Azure Development company, organizations can develop strategic hybrid Cloud structures that can work in favor of the organization. 

If you want to use the services offered by Microsoft Azure, you must sign-up and create your account for Microsoft. On the other hand, to use the benefits offered by the Google Cloud Platform, you will need to create a Google Platform account. 

When it comes to Google Cloud Platform, it recognizes this service usage as per project, not as per account. It allows various users to create multiple different projects under a particular account. Under the setting of a single organization, this module offers better accessibility of data and projects to the different divisions of the company. The module of Azure is more secure and offers security measurements in terms of data accessibility.

Talking about development services, it is true that the number of Google Cloud development services is fewer compared to the number of development services Azure has to offer. All these services offer amazing benefits to consumers.

The Resource Management Interfaces of GCP and Azure

Both Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platform allows the service of CLI ( Command Line Interface) to interact with the resources and services. The difference is that the Google Cloud Platform provides the CloudSDK and Microsoft Azure provides the Window Command Line. Both cloud platforms offer various services which are cross-platform, along with binaries that are accessible for both Windows and Linux. Google Cloud Platform users can also use Cloud SDK on their browsers by simply using the Google Cloud Platform Shell.

The Pricing Processes of GCP and Azure

The pricing process is a little different on both platforms. The hourly cost of the server can range between  $0.099 -$0.149/hour, depending on the services you use. 

On the other hand, the Google Cloud platform uses the minute-counting process of pricing. As there are fewer supplementary services and features offered by the Google Cloud Platform, the platform offers better cost-effectiveness. It offers an as-per-usage pricing pattern. It also offers discounts to consumers depending on their usage.

Google Cloud Platform vs. Azure: Which one to choose?

Azure offers amazing features and storage services but can be a bit complicated in some cases. On the other hand, Google Cloud Platform offers fewer services compared to Microsoft Azure but is more cost-effective and easy to use. Though the data structure of Google Cloud Platform is not as big as the structure Azure has, Google offers strong support cases and containers. 

So, the decision is yours. Depending on the requirements, you will need to choose the cloud computing platform for your organization. Google Cloud Platform offers better accessibility of data within the company structure, whereas Microsoft Azure offers massive storage to its consumers. Here, you will need to understand your requirement in the first place and choose the right Cloud computing platform for your business.

Ending words

Here we have mentioned a detailed comparison between Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Hope you have understood which platform is perfect for your business.

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