All You Need To Know About Samsung Galaxy FE

All You Need To Know About Samsung Galaxy FE

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE in a nutshell. The Galaxy S20 FE is comparable to the Galaxy S20 series’ biggest hits. It includes the functions that Samsung believes Samsung’s customers will find most useful while omitting the things customers need to care about or would happily forgo if the price were lower.

Is It Worthwhile To Buy The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE?

According to Samsung’s advertising, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is targeted squarely at a younger demographic. The discounted price, color schemes, and advertising pictures scream young, hip millennials. However, you can be at most 30 to appreciate this device. It provides almost all of the essential Galaxy S series attributes at a significantly lower cost. With features like a flat display panel, an optical fingerprint reader rather than an ultrasonic one, and even those fresh, vibrant color options, this phone may appeal to some customers more than the core line.

Additionally, Samsung provides the same three years of Android updates for the base Galaxy S phones. That implies you must see Android versions 11, 12, and possibly 13. If you wish to buy a Samsung phone for yourself, don’t bother browsing for a Phone Store near Me, when you can simply log on to a credible site like!

How Are The FE Cameras On The Galaxy S20?

Some people consider a triple-camera setup to be a baseline requirement for a modern smartphone, and also the Galaxy S20 FE delivers. Most individuals will find the setup’s regular, ultra-wide, and telephoto lenses a better selection than some of the competition’s macro cameras and depth sensors. The camera app is identical to the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 phones. With just one swipe, you can now use Samsung’s renowned Single Take function to take nine pictures or videos. It also has many other parts and settings, including, but not limited to, panoramic, food, night, live focus, super slow-mo, hyper-lapse, and a powerful pro mode. Switching between the three cameras is fast and simple, and extra options let you change the photo’s resolution, flash, aspect ratio, and other aspects.

Does The Phone Have A Long-Lasting Battery?

In terms of battery size, the Galaxy S20 FE sits next to the S20 Plus with its 4,500mAh battery. The S20 Ultra, on the other side, has a 5,000mAh power cell, whereas the S20 has a 4,000mAh battery. The 15W charger is included in the box with the Galaxy S20 FE, although it allows 25W wired fast charging. The Samsung 25W charger must be purchased separately or as a substitute from a third party. The 15W charge takes a while to charge the phone fully.

Galaxy S20 FE from Samsung: Performance

Some premium features from the Galaxy S20 FE’s flagship siblings are still present. The Snapdragon 865 CPU has been the most significant upgrade. The minimum amount of RAM that a contemporary Android phone should have is 6GB, yet the S20 FE’s functionality was unaffected by achieving this criterion. 

Software for the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

There is nothing novel about Samsung’s One UI 2.5 software, which is based on Android 10 and provides the entire user experience for the Galaxy S20 FE. Some home screens are available right out of the box, with the left-most home screen allocated for the Samsung Daily feed. 

Samsung undoubtedly creates some of the best smartphones out there. If you are looking to buy one or are exploring more options apart from Samsung phones, you can also look for iPhones For Sale at credible sites like Experimax.

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