8 Things that Make You Wish “Can’t I Pay Someone to Do My Homework?”

If I could have a dollar each for the times I’ve wished that, as soon as I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if I could pay someone to do my homework?” a helper would pop out of nowhere, I’d be richer than Jeff Bezos by now. But, unfortunately, I’m not the only one lost in such wishful thinking.

A 2014 Stanford research study shows that, from a sample of over 4000 students from high-performing institutes in California, almost 56% consider homework their primary source of stress. So, it’s not surprising that most of these students would have probably wished for someone to help them with write my assignment at least once in their lives.

Are Students Just Lazy? – Bust the Myth

One of the most common characteristics parents and teachers associate with students who are reluctant to do their homework is laziness. However, more profound issues might lie hidden underneath mere reluctance to work on homework.

According to an article by Linda Oggel and Tracy London, executive dysfunction remains one of the most overlooked factors leading to academic problems. Students afflicted with this dysfunction struggle with planning a project, organizing research materials for assignments, starting their homework, and completing an activity.

Sometimes, students are just slow learners and need more time to understand a particular topic. But in a fast-paced world where you have no choice but to fall behind your peers unless you can keep up, it’s natural to develop a fear of homework when you can’t perform up to the “standards”.

So, it’s not merely laziness holding students back. So, to ensure that you don’t beat yourself up over not being able to find the motivation for your homework, I’ve interviewed over 2000 students from middle school to university. My primary motivation was to figure out the common reasons students would think, “I wish I could pay someone to do my homework and help boost my grades online.”

8 Times You Want to Hire Someone to Do Your Homework

While procrastination and laziness are pretty common among students, these aren’t the only reasons students need help with assignments thinking, “Can’t I pay someone to do my homework?” Instead, students have consistently struggled with their papers because of the following situations:

When you have no idea about the topic

When utterly clueless about a particular topic, you’d naturally feel hesitant about attempting homework on that issue. Moreover, during such cases, you tend to spend more time researching the topic and finding relevant materials to, at the very least, ensure that you know what you’re writing about.

If you feel hesitant about approaching your teachers for clarification, it’s best to spend some time finding a reliable book that can help you cover the basics. Also, ensure that you choose one that is easy to understand and won’t confuse you with too much technical jargon.

When you’re too exhausted from work

Many native and international students in the USA have no option but to work part-time to cover tuition fees and living expenses while pursuing full-time courses. However, if you’re taking extra shifts to help out during rush hour or to compensate for low wages, you would barely have enough time to take a nap, let alone work on your homework.

In such cases, it’s essential to strike a balance. Talk to your manager about dropping a few shifts, or negotiate your pay with them so you won’t have to stretch yourself thin.

When you face learning challenges

Millions of students in the USA have ADHD or dyslexia, or both, and in many cases, these learning disorders remain undetected throughout their lives. A 2016 survey shows almost 6.1 million children aged between 2 to 17 years in the USA were diagnosed with ADHD. In 2021, the number is expected to have doubled.

Such learning challenges are bound to make homework a significant challenge. Most of the students with learning disabilities in my survey have admitted that they feel too overwhelmed by complex instructions and can’t seem to connect the dots.

When you have undiagnosed depression

A 2021 survey across colleges in the USA revealed that almost 41% had symptoms of depression. So, it’s not surprising that most students wonder, “What’s the top service where I can pay someone to do my homework?” and hire a helper when they don’t even have the will to get out of bed.

Despite more mental health awareness programs being held on campuses across the USA, several students push their feelings under the rug. After all, growing awareness isn’t enough unless students recognize the symptoms and feel confident in seeking help.

When you’re too anxious about the result

Having anxiety issues coupled with bad grades is a disaster waiting to happen. There have several incidents where, even though the student wished to work on their homework, severe anxiety about whether they’ll be able to do justice to the work has stopped them from taking the first step. The stress gets worse when you’re already struggling with grades.

During such moments, the best option is to close your eyes, take deep breaths, and focus on the matter at hand. After all, as tempting as hiring someone else to work on your assignment feels, it’s not a permanent solution.  

When you have hearing or eyesight issues

When you cannot hear or see well, keeping up with the class is impossible, especially if you’re sitting very far from the projector or lecturer. Students with hearing problems struggle to take down class notes, thereby missing crucial information. And if your sight isn’t the best, you better pray your teacher loves to write in ALL CAPS.

Since that is unlikely to happen, you have two options:

  • Occupy a seat in the front row
  • Borrow notes from your friends

When you’re a slow learner

The academic world isn’t very understanding of slow learners. So either you must keep up with the pace at which the class proceeds or try to catch up on your own time. But suppose by the time you’re on chapter 7, the rest of the class has progressed to chapter 15. You would naturally have trouble understanding how to proceed with your homework in such an instance.

Sometimes, the problem lies with the prescribed book. In such cases, you can swap the prescribed book with one that covers the fundamentals in more straightforward language. Once you have the basics down pat, it’ll be easier to overcome the fear of homework.

When time management isn’t your strongest forte

Colleges and universities overburden students with so much homework that it’s almost impossible to keep up with them unless you have excellent time management skills. Managing your classes, part-time work and extracurricular activities while sparing yourself enough time and energy to dedicate to your homework might seem impossible if you’re not good at making every second count. However, all hope is not lost.

Draw up a schedule and allocate time-frames to every activity you do throughout the day. While it might seem restrictive initially, your body and mind will soon get used to the routine. Once you have enough time to spare, finding the motivation to complete your homework will come naturally.

In conclusion,

Despite the widespread belief that homework tardiness is a result of laziness on the part of the student, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Blaming everything on laziness would be brushing aside the legitimate problems several students worldwide face that make them wish, “Why can’t I just pay someone to do my homework?” Some of these reasons include tackling learning disabilities, being a slow learner, and struggling with time management. Therefore, before you blame yourself for struggling with homework, try to identify the root of the problem, and you’ll surely find a good solution.

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