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5 New Strategies To Attract Customers in 2023

Attracting new customers is a concern that many companies face every day. You don’t have to look far for complex solutions. However, you do have many options that you can take.

Networks are powerful!

Few companies today question the value of having social media representation at their business level. There are many questions about which social networks to use and how they should be used.

You must understand your audience and choose social networks that will allow you to attract real customers. If you are targeting a client from generation Z, or post-millennials, you can use Snapchat. Linkedin is also a good option if you rely on B2B.

Instagram is a great choice if your product has a lot of visuals. But how do you attract new customers once your networks are established? You can get the most from your network by measuring results and analyzing which elements are working best for you and what your customers want on Customer Appreciation Day.

Don’t duplicate content across social media. Make sure you use them all wisely to get the best out of them.

Sell experiences

It’s not about how to get clients. It’s about getting them to choose you. You want to find formulas that make the user feel comfortable, where they can contribute more than just consumption.

It’s more than a flight and hotel. It’s the experience of a lifetime. It’s not a shirt. Also, It is your identity. It’s not just a shopping site, it’s the platform that makes online shopping easier and more enjoyable.

Make intangibles that are associated with your brand to improve the shopping experience. Potential customers will want to meet with you.

Your best friend is a satisfied customer

You can get more clients from your current clients. This is where customer service comes in. Make the deal memorable by giving sellers the tools they need.

You must make shopping enjoyable in-store as well as online. Satisfied clients will bring you, new clients. His speech about himself as a prescriber will be more persuasive than any advertising rhetoric. 

An advertisement has less commercial value than a recommendation from a satisfied customer. 

After-sales Service

In the aftermath of service and in resolving issues, every company is a gambler. How to handle these moments is crucial to prevent clients from leaving or to become a fierce defender of your business and even to attract new customers with their recommendations.

All of us have stopped shopping in stores because we had a bad experience. Your customers deserve compensation and solutions.

Use external media

Monitoring customers who are already interested in your business is important. However, you might also consider other outreach methods.

Choose the right media for your company. Many companies specialize in different ways to attract customers. Choose the one that is most suitable for your business.

Price Comparison Websites

Many platforms allow you to group prices by product/service if you want to compete on price. These platforms can be an excellent way to attract predisposed customers and help them in the price-search phase.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another tool you have at your disposal. Also, affiliate marketing is a group of websites, bloggers, and content generators who promote your campaigns and offers to their users in return for a commission. This can be particularly useful for eCommerce.

Many companies and websites serve as a platform that allows advertisers and affiliates to get in touch more easily, organize their communications, and make quantifiable connections. A third method of affiliate marketing is the creation of links through large sales platforms like Amazon (or other websites with an established community).


Advertising through influencers is a similar concept to affiliate marketing. However, unlike this, the agreements are usually more personalized and adjusted to each action-influencer-advertiser.

Commercial action is based upon confidence in the ability to create authoritative discourse before the public.

Sometimes the agreements are based upon exchanges in nature, but with the professionalization and growth of the sector, fees are linked to a specific list of content.


Do not let them go. After you have made the initial contact, you can use your remarketing campaigns again to reach the undecided. Maybe they were on the streets or at work when you first reached them.

This may have made it difficult for them to decide whether or not they would like to buy your products or services.

You can change their lives and make them customers. If you need more help improving your current marketing strategy, please feel free to reach us at Digital Specialist today.

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